Identify the opportunity:

  1. Understand what the customers need
  2. Determine how product/service quality rates against needs
  3. Evaluate operational results
  4. Measure the level of productivity (human resource utilization effectiveness)
  5. Explore and understand the future possibilities (visioning)
  6. Appraise the strategic planning process
  7. Examine the information and analysis systems
  8. Assess the leadership style and effectiveness

Create the motivational climate:

  1. Define individual responsibility and accountability 
  2. Promote individual skill development
  3. Implement goal setting
  4. Keep the score in real time
  5. Give timely recognition
  6. Evaluate performance effectively
  7. Reward for the right things – adding value
  8. Encourage career planning
  9. Discipline to achieve the desired behavioral change

Change the organization to consistently win:

  1. Gain a new vision of individual possibilities
  2. Develop powerful teamwork
  3. Achieve interdependent relationships
  4. Collaborate across boundaries
  5. Provide success coaching
  6. Promote learning opportunities through self-directed training
  7. Engage in continual improvement and renewal
  8. Fill job vacancies with the right people
  9. Gain cultural unity in mergers and acquisitions

Teach performance enhancement skills:

  1. Unleash individual and team creativity
  2. Provide an effective array of problem solving skills
  3. Enable sound decision making including risk assessment
  4. Assure understanding of what activities add value

Meet regulatory responsibilities:

  1. Give personnel and process safety top priority
  2. Produce safe, properly labeled products
  3. Protect the environment
  4. Assure that all employee practices are in compliance

Provide expertise to the organizational functions:

  1. Marketing and sales
  2. Product development
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Quality control and assurance
  5. Engineering
  6. Purchasing
  7. Logistics
  8. Commodity operations
  9. Finance and accounting
  10. Human resources

Utilize special skills in the vegetable oil & protein value chain:

  1. Process design
  2. Feasibility studies
  3. Project management to achieve optimum life-cycle results
  4. New facility startup including personnel selection and training
  5. Yield improvement
  6. In-process quality control
Adding Value to Improve Business Profitablity  
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