High-performance business operation and highly profitable results do not just happen. Outstanding performance and results occur by understanding and applying a deliberate process involving a clear vision, sound strategy, effective planning, and powerful synergistic relationships.

The Core Team is a leading resource in developing high-performance organizations. We have the expertise and demonstrated ability to help business units, teams, and individual members achieve excellence. The Core Team's transformation process involves profoundly simple but extraordinarily powerful concepts that are learned and applied consistently by everyone in the business. First, we focus on helping each person develop a new vision of their personal significance and capability in contributing to the organization's success. Next, we teach how to build powerful teams by guiding each functional group through the process. Finally, we provide the practical counseling to synergize the individual and team effort to achieve the organization's objectives. The Core Team's organizational transformation and development process is applicable for new business ventures, business renewals, mergers or acquisitions where cultural conflict can seriously impede success.

Our compelling attribute for being a creditable resource is the fact that we have personally accomplished what we propose to help you do. We have learned and applied the high-performance concepts within our own considerable business experience in leadership roles. Now our mission is to teach you -- and, we have established the track record for doing it.

Partners in The Core Team bring executive level experience from leading enterprises, especially in the area of food and consumer products. Consequently, we offer services covering all of the functions in this business sector. For all aspects of oilseed and edible oil processing and related products, our partners are among the most skilled in the world.

Since our founding in 1985, we have provided our services throughout the world. In Eastern Europe and the CIS (former Soviet Union), we have been engaged since 1990 in working with newly privatized businesses. We have gained considerable experience and expertise in guiding business investors and leaders in this geographic area to achieve success and avoid the many pitfalls.


Adding Value to Improve Business Profitablity  
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