Norman J. Smallwood is the founding and managing partner of The Core Team. Engaging in engineering, production, operations, and executive level management roles with Procter & Gamble, Hunt-Wesson Foods, Lou Ana Foods, A. E. Staley Manufacturing, Zapata Haynie, and The Core Team, he has compiled a record of considerable accomplishment in a broad array of activities.

With the practical application of the behavioral sciences and Jungian psychology, Smallwood is an advocate of developing empowered organizational cultures as a means of achieving business excellence. In this role, he is especially focused on business start-ups, mergers, acquisitions, and renewals.

Internationally, Smallwood has participated both technically and managerially in a variety of projects involving many countries. In Eastern and Southern Europe, the CIS, and North Africa, he has become particularly involved with the food processing industry. The impact of Smallwood's involvement is reflected by the success of the enterprises which he has assisted to become industry leaders in product quality, operating efficiency, and profitability.

Following the enactment of NAFTA, he has become involved in Mexico, Central America, and South America by providing counsel for business restructuring and improvement efforts to sustain profitability in a more competitive market. He has been extensively involved with Chiquita Brands International, Inc.'s business improvement efforts in this region.

Frequently he has been invited to give presentations for both domestic and international professional conferences on both managerial and technical matters. Furthermore, he has authored many papers and chapters for publication in an array of books and publications.

Smallwood's professional reputation is based on an unwavering commitment to high standards, creative thinking, and a high-energy, tireless pace. He is an engineering graduate of the Colorado School of Mines.

Adding Value to Improve Business Profitablity  
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