Project Management

  1. A Strategy for Transforming the Moscow Fat Combine by Application of State-of-the- Art Technology and Management Practices” – a presentation given to key members of the Moscow Fat Combine executive team in New York, New York, December 7-9, 1990.

  2. Upgrading Edible Oil Processing Facilities by Incremental Improvement and Sound Management Practices” -- a special training program developed and presented to key managers from the Moscow Fat Combine (April 26-May 9, 1992) and from the Romanian edible oil processing industry (September 28-October 9, 1992) in Louisiana and Mississippi.

  3. New Plant Startup Preparation Guide” -- a reference manual developed for client guidance, March 1993.

  4. Project Management for a New Soybean Processing Plant: Site Selection, Layout, Equipment Evaluation, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation to Assure the Hard-Measure Performance Expectations” – a presentation given to the leadership of an enterprise in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, December 16-19, 1996.

  5. Optimal Manufacturing Plant Design”—a presentation given at the 88th Annual Meeting of the American Oil Chemists’ Society in Seattle, Washington, May 11-14, 1997.

  6. Project Management for Increasing the Capacity and Efficiency of an Existing Soybean Processing Plant” – a presentation and implementation guidance given to the management of a soybean processing enterprise in Romania , January 18-24, 1998.

  7. Managing Vendor Relationships to Achieve Expected Results on Equipment Quality and Delivery” – a presentation and counsel given in Paris, France to a client engaged in constructing a new edible oil processing plant, November 5-6, 1998.
  8. Project Management for the Justification, Design, Construction, and Startup of a New Edible Oil Processing Plant” – a presentation given to an enterprise director in Moscow, Russia, November 29, 1998.

  9. Critical Elements in the Justification of New Soybean and Soybean Oil Processing Plants” – a presentation given to clients in France and Turkey, February 5, 1999.

  10. Evaluation of Process Equipment Vendor Proposals to Select the Best Outcome with Respect to Life-Cycle Cost” -- a presentation given to clients in France and Turkey, February 5, 1999.

  11. Continual Upgrading of Edible Oil Processing and Packaging Operations to Maintain a Competitive Edge” – a detailed presentation including in-plant inspection and explanation for a delegation of Turkish oilseed & edible oil processing industry managers visiting the USA, June 14-17, 1999.

  12. Conversion of Small-Capacity Soybean Processing Plants for the Production of Defatted White Flakes” – a paper prepared for and given to a delegation of Indian soybean processing industry leaders at the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois, July 12-13, 2001.

  13. Capital Project Management” -- a presentation given while hosting a delegation of Russian and Ukrainian food processing industry leaders while touring U.S. soy protein pilot plant facilities and process equipment manufacturers, September 29-October 6, 2001.
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