Personnel and Process Safety

  1. Computer Control in Vegetable Oil Refineries” -- a presentation given at the AOCS World Conference on Emerging Technologies in Cannes, France, November 3-8, 1985.

  2. Safe and Efficient Operation of the Edible Oil Hydrogenation Process” -- a seminar developed in 1987 and subsequently presented to clients throughout the world.

  3. Design and Application of an Incentive Program to Significantly Reduce Personnel Injury in Commercial Fishing Operations” – a paper covering the design and implementation of a highly successful program in a U.S. commercial fishing enterprise, 1987.

  4. Soybean Oil Processing Plant Management” -- a paper prepared for and presented at seminars in the Soviet Union, Greece and Turkey, May 14-25, 1990 and later published in Argentina.

  5. Employee Involvement in Process Safety Management” -- a presentation given at the 101st Annual Convention of the International Oil Mill Superintendents Association in Sandestin Beach, Florida, June 24, 1995.

  6. Plant Management” -- Chapter 27 of the Practical Handbook of Soybean Processing and Utilization, edited by Dr. David R. Erickson, jointly published by the AOCS Press in Champaign, Illinois and the United Soybean Board in St. Louis, Missouri, 1995.

  7. Personnel Safety” – a presentation prepared for use with clients, December 2003.
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