Global Perspectives

  1. Transformational Leadership” -- a seminar given for industry managers and government officials at the Institute of Industrial Management in Moscow, Russia, March 26-27, 1991.

  2. Managing the Transition from Government Ownership with a Controlled Economy to Private Enterprise with Competition in the Marketplace” -- a presentation given to the leadership of newly privatized enterprises in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, July 10-21, 1995.

  3. ISO 9000 -- A Contrary Viewpoint” -- a paper written in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in December 1996 and published in the February 1997 issue of INFORM, the monthly publication of the American Oil Chemists’ Society.

  4. Achieving Optimal Performance” -- an interactive presentation given at the First National Meeting of the Oilseed industry Managers at Iguazu Falls, Misiones, Argentina, August 27 and 28, 1997.

  5. Environmental Technology: Focus on Eastern Europe” -- a presentation given at the FedEx Global Perspectives Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on October 29, 1997.

  6. Managing Organization Cultural Transformation: State Owned with a Closed Economy to Private Ownership with a Competitive Marketplace” – a presentation given to the leadership of a newly acquired Polish enterprise in Warsaw, Poland, May 13-14, 1998.

  7. Leadership for the Next Millennium -- a keynote presentation given at the Nebraska LEAD Alumni Conference in Grand Island, Nebraska, January 30, 1999.

  8. Cultural Barriers in International Business” – a paper written for use with clients, February 1999.

  9. How, When and Will the Developing Countries Develop?” – a paper written for and presented at the 91st Annual Meeting of the American Oil Chemists’ Society in San Diego, California, April 25, 2000.

  10. World Economy and Financial Outlook for the New Millennium” – paper written for and presented at The 1st Global Oils and Fats Forum in Chicago, Illinois, September 19-20, 2000.

  11. The Soy Food Experience in Russia ” – a special presentation prepared for the Senior Agricultural Attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Russia, October 16, 2000.

  12. Merits of Direct Human Consumption of Soy Protein” – a 30-minute presentation given on the television program Good Morning Izmir in Izmir, Turkey, February 23, 2001.

  13. Food Crops Developed by Biotechnology” -- a paper written while in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, December 2001, and subsequently published in Russia.

  14. Perspective on Current World Political Matters” – a paper written for distribution to colleagues, October 2004.
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