Environmental Matters

  1. Design and Operation of a Vegetable Oil Plant Wastewater Treatment System for Future Standards” -- a presentation given at the Ninth National Symposium on Food Processing Wastes sponsored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and several industry trade associations in Denver, Colorado, March 29-31, 1978.

  2. Industry Practices for the Safe Disposal of Spent Bleaching Earth in Landfill Solid Waste Disposal Facilities” – a presentation prepared for a law firm dealing objections about using a municipal landfill facility for spent bleaching earth disposal, 1983.

  3. Norwegian Practices to Control Odor in Fish Processing Facilities” – a presentation prepared from a detailed on-site investigation of Norwegian fish processing facilities, August 1987.

  4. Sources and Control of Odor from Fish Processing Facilities” a presentation prepared for a law firm dealing with complaints about obnoxious odors from a fish processing facility in the State of Maine, 1987.

  5. Soybean Oil Processing Plant Management” -- a paper prepared for and presented at seminars in the Soviet Union, Greece and Turkey, May 14-25, 1990 and later published in Argentina.

  6. Environmental Protection” -- a presentation given as a special faculty member for training a delegation of oilseed and edible oil processing industry managers and technical professionals from the CIS at Texas A&M University, February 1-3, 1993.

  7. Environmental Concerns in Soybean Processing” -- Chapter 25 of the Practical Handbook of Soybean Processing and Utilization, edited by Dr. David R. Erickson, jointly published by the AOCS Press in Champaign, Illinois and the United Soybean Board in St. Louis, Missouri, 1995.

  8. Managing to Avoid and/or Minimize Environmental Pollution Incidents” -- a presentation given at the AOCS World Conference and Exhibition on Oilseed and Edible Oils Processing in Istanbul, Turkey, October 6-10, 1996.

  9. Environmental Technology: Focus on Eastern Europe” -- a presentation given at the FedEx Global Perspectives Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on October 29, 1997.
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